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Found player by the name of: "Nips"!
Nips's Information:
Prestige Level:0
Prestige PointsN/A
PK Points207
Trivia Points6
Zombie Onslaught Points0
Ice Points60
Vote Points0
Total Experience11,321,834,845
Money Pouch Contains12,100,079,486,858
Loyalty Points603,500
House LocationEdgeville
Operating SystemWindows 10
Nips's Bank Contains:
Prayer renewal flask (6)(Prayer renewal flask (6)) x 267,675
Super restore flask (6)(Super restore flask (6)) x 266,958
Saradomin brew flask (6)(Saradomin brew flask (6)) x 266,271
Antipoison flask (6)(Antipoison flask (6)) x 194,463
Summoning flask (6)(Summoning flask (6)) x 200,000
Antifire flask (6)(Antifire flask (6)) x 99,993
Ranging flask (6)(Ranging flask (6)) x 99,799
Prayer flask (6)(Prayer flask (6)) x 199,500
Magic flask (6)(Magic flask (6)) x 99,500
Super energy flask (6)(Super energy flask (6)) x 199,968
Super strength flask (6)(Super strength flask (6)) x 99,309
Super attack flask (6)(Super attack flask (6)) x 99,309
Super defence flask (6)(Super defence flask (6)) x 99,310
Overload flask (6)(Overload flask (6)) x 2,230
Fury shark(Fury shark) x 556,929
Shark(Shark) x 296,387
Super prayer flask (6)(Super prayer flask (6)) x 17
Rocktail(Rocktail) x 6,736
Purple sweets() x 419,412
Recover special flask (6)(Recover special flask (6)) x 24
Prayer renewal flask (3)x 19
Super energy flask (3)(Super energy flask (3)) x 4
Super energy flask (2)(Super energy flask (2)) x 5
Super energy flask (4)(Super energy flask (4)) x 7
Saradomin brew flask (5)(Saradomin brew flask (5)) x 4
Overload flask (1)(Overload flask (1)) x 27
Prayer renewal flask (4)(Prayer renewal flask (4)) x 21
Super restore flask (3)(Super restore flask (3)) x 10
Overload flask (3)(Overload flask (3)) x 42
Super restore flask (5)(Super restore flask (5)) x 21
Overload flask (5)(Overload flask (5)) x 83
Overload flask (2)(Overload flask (2)) x 28
Overload flask (4)(Overload flask (4)) x 48
Antipoison flask (5)(Antipoison flask (5)) x 11
Antifire flask (5)(Antifire flask (5)) x 2
Prayer renewal flask (2)(Prayer renewal flask (2)) x 9
Prayer renewal flask (5)(Prayer renewal flask (5)) x 21
Saradomin brew flask (2)(Saradomin brew flask (2)) x 1
Prayer renewal flask (1)(Prayer renewal flask (1)) x 16
Saradomin brew flask (3)(Saradomin brew flask (3)) x 1
Saradomin brew flask (4)(Saradomin brew flask (4)) x 2
Super restore flask (2)(Super restore flask (2)) x 7
Antipoison flask (1)(Antipoison flask (1)) x 2
Antipoison flask (4)(Antipoison flask (4)) x 6
Antipoison flask (2)(Antipoison flask (2)) x 3
Antipoison flask (3)(Antipoison flask (3)) x 3
Super restore flask (4)(Super restore flask (4)) x 8
Super restore flask (1)(Super restore flask (1)) x 1
Antifire flask (4)(Antifire flask (4)) x 1
Super energy flask (5)(Super energy flask (5)) x 5
Change username ticket(<img=1>Change username ticket) x 55
Soul phylactery(Soul phylactery) x 2,314
Pet rock() x 1
Pet rock() x 1
Varrock teleportx 4,980
Clue scroll (elite)() x 2
Spin ticket(Spin ticket) x 173
Ring of visibilityx 1
Double spin ticket(Double spin ticket) x 6,419
Grinder(Grinder) x 1
Pet Snow Bird(Pet Snow Bird) x 380
Fire Santa top(Fire Santa top) x 5
Fire Santa legs(Fire Santa legs) x 4
Shadow Santa top(Shadow Santa top) x 3
Shadow Santa legs(Shadow Santa legs) x 4
Shadow cape(Shadow cape) x 9
Pet Shadow Snake(Pet Shadow Snake) x 14
Pet Hati(Pet Hati) x 3
Pet Ganodermic Beast(Pet Ganodermic Beast) x 2
Pet Commander Zilyana(Pet Commander Zilyana) x 1
Pet Tormented King(Pet Tormented King) x 4
Pet QBD(Pet QBD) x 3
Pet Vorago(Pet Vorago) x 2
Pet Ayuni(Pet Ayuni) x 1
Pet Dagannoth Supreme(Pet Dagannoth Supreme) x 1
Pet Dagannoth Rex(Pet Dagannoth Rex) x 1
Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth(Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth) x 1
Pet Kalphite Queen(Pet Kalphite Queen) x 1
Pet Corporeal Beast(Pet Corporeal Beast) x 1
Rusty coins(Rusty coins) x 64,541
Pet Glacor(Pet Glacor) x 2
Pet Shadow Corp.(Pet Shadow Corp.) x 10
Pet Party Demon(Pet Party Demon) x 2
Pet Pest Queen(Pet Pest Queen) x 1
Pet Desert Strykewyrm(Pet Desert Strykewyrm) x 1
Pet Jungle Strykewyrm(Pet Jungle Strykewyrm) x 1
Pet PoisonWyrm(Pet PoisonWyrm) x 3
Pet ShadowWyrm(Pet ShadowWyrm) x 3
Pet WildyWyrm(Pet WildyWyrm) x 1
Pet WaterWyrm(Pet WaterWyrm) x 1
Pet Aviansie(Pet Aviansie) x 2
Pet Lava Dragon(Pet Lava Dragon) x 4
Pet KBD(Pet KBD) x 3
Pet Untouchable(Pet Untouchable) x 1
Pet Jad(Pet Jad) x 4
Pet Blink(Pet Blink) x 3
Pet Eruni(Pet Eruni) x 1
Pet Mutated Jadinko Guard(Pet Mutated Jadinko Guard) x 1
Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous(Pet Yk'Lagor the Thunderous) x 8
Pet Tom (AK)(Pet Tom (AK)) x 3
Pet Sunfreet(Pet Sunfreet) x 2
Wintumber tree(Wintumber tree) x 379
Pet General Graardor(Pet General Graardor) x 3
Pet Shadow Dragon(Pet Shadow Dragon) x 4
Pet Bork(Pet Bork) x 1
Pet Dagannoth Mother(Pet Dagannoth Mother) x 1
Pet Giant Mole(Pet Giant Mole) x 1
Pet Water Jad(Pet Water Jad) x 2
Dragon plate armour set (lg)(Dragon plate armour set (lg)) x 7
Adamant gold-trimmed armour set (lg)(Adamant gold-trimmed armour set (lg)) x 8
Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg)(Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg)) x 9
Rune trimmed armour set (lg)(Rune trimmed armour set (lg)) x 5
Adamant trimmed armour set (lg)(Adamant trimmed armour set (lg)) x 4
Teal partyhat(Teal partyhat) x 18
Pink santa hat(Pink santa hat) x 1
White partyhat(White partyhat) x 14
Shadow Santa hat(Shadow Santa hat) x 4
Blue partyhat(Blue partyhat) x 16
Rune gold-trimmed armour set (lg)(Rune gold-trimmed armour set (lg)) x 3
Armadyl Set with Godsword(Armadyl Set with Godsword) x 1
Gold-trimmed blue wizard set(Gold-trimmed blue wizard set) x 9
Black trimmed armour set (lg)(Black trimmed armour set (lg)) x 5
Dragon plate armour set (sk)(Dragon plate armour set (sk)) x 9
Pink partyhat(Pink partyhat) x 23
Yellow partyhat(Yellow partyhat) x 16
Orange partyhatx 19
Lucky partyhat(Lucky partyhat) x 3
Purple partyhat(Purple partyhat) x 21
Christmas Scythe(Christmas Scythe) x 106
Gold athlete's hat() x 5
Ancient ceremonial hood(Ancient ceremonial hood) x 1
Ancient ceremonial top(Ancient ceremonial top) x 2
Ancient ceremonial legs(Ancient ceremonial legs) x 1
Ancient ceremonial boots(Ancient ceremonial boots) x 1
Ancient ceremonial gloves(Ancient ceremonial gloves) x 1
Red partyhat(Red partyhat) x 19
Green partyhat(Green partyhat) x 16
Black santa hatx 3
Lucky santa hat(Lucky santa hat) x 5
Holy wrenchx 1
Big rock(Big rock) x 1
Snowball(Snowball) x 8,860
Golden Scarf(Golden Scarf) x 109
Lucky h'ween mask(Lucky h'ween mask) x 2
Fire Santa hat(Fire Santa hat) x 4
Swag Bag(Swag Bag) x 11
Gold athlete's gloves() x 3
200m glasses(200m glasses) x 31
Christmas wand(Christmas wand) x 396
Gold athlete's shirt() x 2
Faithful shield(Faithful shield) x 1
Santa sack(Santa sack) x 395
Mythical cape() x 1
Black h'ween maskx 1
Lucky dragon full helm(Lucky dragon full helm) x 10
Lucky dragon platebody(Lucky dragon platebody) x 14
Easter ringx 2
Bonesackx 332
Deathtouched dart(Deathtouched dart) x 117
Graceful legs() x 1
Basket of eggsx 1
Supreme salvation(Supreme salvation) x 2
Supreme corruption(Supreme corruption) x 2
Portable deposit box(Portable deposit box) x 289
Balmung(Balmung) x 1
Gold torch(Gold torch) x 2
Vampyrism(Vampyrism) x 1
Supreme poison purge(Supreme poison purge) x 1
Lucky abyssal whip(Lucky abyssal whip) x 29
Lucky Armadyl godsword(Lucky Armadyl godsword) x 15
Lucky Bandos godsword(Lucky Bandos godsword) x 19
Lucky Zamorak godsword(Lucky Zamorak godsword) x 15
Lucky Saradomin godsword(Lucky Saradomin godsword) x 40
Lucky Bandos chestplate(Lucky Bandos chestplate) x 69
Lucky Bandos tassets(Lucky Bandos tassets) x 94
Lucky dragon claws(Lucky dragon claws) x 37
Lucky Zamorakian spear(Lucky Zamorakian spear) x 14
Lucky Saradomin sword(Lucky Saradomin sword) x 43
Lucky divine spirit shield(Lucky divine spirit shield) x 34
Lucky spectral spirit shield(Lucky spectral spirit shield) x 27
Lucky elysian spirit shield(Lucky elysian spirit shield) x 36
Dark spirit shield(Dark spirit shield) x 10
Divine spirit shield(Divine spirit shield) x 1
Elysian spirit shield(Elysian spirit shield) x 1
Elysian sigil(Elysian sigil) x 1
Black slayer helmet() x 2
Red slayer helmet() x 3
Green slayer helmet() x 3
Shadow Guthan's helm(Shadow Guthan's helm) x 4
Shadow Guthan's platebody(Shadow Guthan's platebody) x 5
Shadow Guthan's chainskirt(Shadow Guthan's chainskirt) x 3
Shadow Guthan's warspear(Shadow Guthan's warspear) x 4
Guthan's helmx 21
Guthan's platebodyx 19
Guthan's chainskirtx 28
Guthan's warspearx 18
Daedric sword(Daedric sword) x 1
Daedric Sword of Frost(<col=00ffff>Daedric Sword of Frost) x 23
Shadow Dharok's helm(Shadow Dharok's helm) x 5
Shadow Dharok's platebody(Shadow Dharok's platebody) x 3
Shadow Dharok's platelegs(Shadow Dharok's platelegs) x 5
Shadow Dharok's greataxe(Shadow Dharok's greataxe) x 6
Dharok's helmx 40
Dharok's platebodyx 26
Dharok's platelegsx 24
Dharok's greataxex 38
Dharok's Kiteshield(Dharok's Kiteshield) x 10
Daedric Sword of Poison(<col=00ff00>Daedric Sword of Poison) x 2
Shadow Verac's helm(Shadow Verac's helm) x 3
Shadow Verac's brassard(Shadow Verac's brassard) x 4
Shadow Verac's plateskirt(Shadow Verac's plateskirt) x 6
Shadow Verac's flail(Shadow Verac's flail) x 4
Verac's helmx 21
Verac's brassardx 17
Verac's plateskirtx 9
Verac's flailx 20
Verac's Kiteshield(Verac's Kiteshield) x 11
Daedric Sword of Disease(<col=ffff00>Daedric Sword of Disease) x 53
Shadow Torag's helm(Shadow Torag's helm) x 5
Shadow Torag's platebody(Shadow Torag's platebody) x 4
Shadow Torag's platelegs(Shadow Torag's platelegs) x 2
Shadow Torag's hammers(Shadow Torag's hammers) x 8
Torag's helmx 22
Torag's platebodyx 14
Torag's platelegsx 21
Torag's hammersx 20
Legendary Cape(<img=7>Legendary Cape) x 1
Daedric Sword of Shadows(<col=551a8b>Daedric Sword of Shadows) x 7
Daedric Full Helm(Daedric Full Helm) x 3
Daedric Platebody(Daedric Platebody) x 4
Daedric Platelegs(Daedric Platelegs) x 3
Daedric wings(Daedric wings) x 7
Frost Torva Full Helm(Frost Torva Full Helm) x 34
Frost Torva Platebody(Frost Torva Platebody) x 40
Frost Torva Platelegs(Frost Torva Platelegs) x 37
Frostmourne(Frostmourne) x 35
Ice glovesx 37
Steadfast boots(Steadfast boots) x 6
Tormented King's Helmet(Tormented King's Helmet) x 5
Tormented King's Platebody(Tormented King's Platebody) x 3
Tormented King's Platelegs(Tormented King's Platelegs) x 1
Ash cape(Ash cape) x 4
K'ril's Godcrusher helm(K'ril's Godcrusher helm) x 1
K'ril's Godcrusher chest(K'ril's Godcrusher chest) x 1
K'ril's Godcrusher legs(K'ril's Godcrusher legs) x 3
Bandos helmet(Bandos helmet) x 4
Bandos chestplate(Bandos chestplate) x 9
Bandos tassets(Bandos tassets) x 7
Paladin helm(Paladin helm) x 14
Paladin body(Paladin body) x 14
Paladin legs(Paladin legs) x 14
Paladin gloves(Paladin gloves) x 14
Paladin boots(Paladin boots) x 14
Paladin Sword(Paladin Sword) x 9
Blood Korasi(Blood Korasi) x 1
Drygore longsword(Drygore longsword) x 5
Drygore rapier(Drygore rapier) x 1
Drygore Macex 1
Kalphite body() x 5
Kalphite legs(Kalphite legs) x 1
Kalphite wings(Kalphite wings) x 2
Kalphite boots() x 4
Kalphite gloves(Kalphite gloves) x 2
TzHaar Whip 7(TzHaar Whip 7) x 2
Korasi's sword() x 6
Vorpal talon(Vorpal talon) x 19
Ravening sliver(Ravening sliver) x 2
Energy sword(Energy sword) x 4
Warsuit hat(Warsuit hat) x 2
Warsuit body(Warsuit body) x 1
White Lightsaber(White Lightsaber) x 48
Warsuit boots(Warsuit boots) x 2
Brutal whip(Brutal whip) x 4
Razor Whip(Razor Whip) x 1
Abyssal vine whip(Abyssal vine whip) x 2
Flame Whip(Flame Whip) x 1
Dragon claws(Dragon claws) x 31
Tormented King's Claws(Tormented King's Claws) x 1
Chaotic clawsx 64
Helm of neitiznot (charged)(Helm of neitiznot (charged)) x 17
Fighter torso(Fighter torso) x 8
Berserker ring(Berserker ring) x 13
Ring of vigour(Ring of vigour) x 16
Dragon dagger (p++)(Dragon dagger (p++)) x 11
Chaotic kiteshield(Chaotic kiteshield) x 17
Barrelchest anchor(Barrelchest anchor) x 6
Amulet of fury(Amulet of fury) x 4
Dragonfire shield (charged)(Dragonfire shield (charged)) x 2
Ivandis flail (30)(Ivandis flail (30)) x 48
Tormented King's Ring(Tormented King's Ring) x 4
Red Lightsaber(Red Lightsaber) x 7
Zamorak Wings(Zamorak Wings) x 2
Master poison purge(Master poison purge) x 1
Torva full helm(Torva full helm) x 1
Torva platebody(Torva platebody) x 1
Malevolent curiass(Malevolent curiass) x 1
Primal maul(Primal maul) x 5
Dominion sword(Dominion sword) x 1
Culinaromancer's gloves 10x 54
Sword of Edicts(Sword of Edicts) x 3
Primal longsword(Primal longsword) x 3
Poison cape(Poison cape) x 3
Primal rapier(Primal rapier) x 1
Spirit shield(Spirit shield) x 25
Spectral sigil(Spectral sigil) x 5
Divine sigil(Divine sigil) x 5
Holy elixir(Holy elixir) x 8
Dragonfire shield(Dragonfire shield) x 1
Dragon arrow(Dragon arrow) x 269,965
Cannonball(Cannonball) x 222,038
Rune knifex 397,230,312
Dragon bolts (e)(Dragon bolts (e)) x 149,862
Onyx bolts (e)(Onyx bolts (e)) x 288
Ruby bolts (e)(Ruby bolts (e)) x 479,624,754
Red chinchompa() x 299,332
Rune arrow(Rune arrow) x 250,987
Ice arrows(Ice arrows) x 56,022
Tormented King's Bolts (e)(Tormented King's Bolts (e)) x 33,278
Hand cannon shot(Hand cannon shot) x 199,995
Sagaie(Sagaie) x 100,010
Bolas(Bolas) x 299,871
Lucky Armadyl helmet(Lucky Armadyl helmet) x 78
Lucky Armadyl chestplate(Lucky Armadyl chestplate) x 76
Lucky Armadyl chainskirt(Lucky Armadyl chainskirt) x 86
Eagle-eye kiteshield(Eagle-eye kiteshield) x 13
Archers' ring(Archers' ring) x 20
Ascension crossbow(Ascension crossbow) x 8
Zaryte bow(Zaryte bow) x 2
Shadow Karil's coif(Shadow Karil's coif) x 5
Shadow Karil's top(Shadow Karil's top) x 6
Shadow Karil's skirt(Shadow Karil's skirt) x 3
Shadow Karil's crossbow(Shadow Karil's crossbow) x 5
Karil's coifx 22
Karil's topx 18
Karil's skirtx 18
Karil's crossbowx 37
Void ranger helm(Void ranger helm) x 4
Elite void knight top(Elite void knight top) x 4
Elite void knight robe(Elite void knight robe) x 4
Void knight top(Void knight top) x 6
Void knight robe(Void knight robe) x 8
Void knight deflector() x 2
Void knight gloves(Void knight gloves) x 2
Ava's accumulator(Ava's accumulator) x 26
Royale cannon furnace(Royale cannon furnace) x 12
Royale cannon stand(Royale cannon stand) x 9
Royale cannon base(Royale cannon base) x 11
Royale cannon barrels(Royale cannon barrels) x 10
Red robin hood hat(Red robin hood hat) x 2
Ranger boots() x 2
Blue robin hood hat(Blue robin hood hat) x 2
Ranger boots() x 2
White robin hood hat(White robin hood hat) x 2
Ranger boots() x 2
Yellow robin hood hat(Yellow robin hood hat) x 2
Ranger boots() x 2
Robin hood hat(Robin hood hat) x 2
Ranger boots(Ranger boots) x 2
Armadyl helmet(Armadyl helmet) x 3
Armadyl chestplate(Armadyl chestplate) x 5
Armadyl chainskirt(Armadyl chainskirt) x 3
Bolt rackx 122,400
Zulrah's scales(Zulrah's scales) x 44,188
Dragon crossbow(Dragon crossbow) x 1
Dragon dart(Dragon dart) x 682
Fate cards(Fate cards) x 3
Warsuit Crossbow(Warsuit Crossbow) x 2
Decimation(Decimation) x 4
Light ballista() x 1
Saradomin's murmur(Saradomin's murmur) x 1
Karil's Kiteshield(Karil's Kiteshield) x 13
Ultra Aura(<img=8>Ultra Aura) x 1
Boogie bow(Boogie bow) x 1
Hand cannon(Hand cannon) x 1
Heavy ballista() x 1
Glaiven boots(Glaiven boots) x 1
Necklace of anguish() x 1
Tormented King's Bones(Tormented King's Bones) x 36,662
Yew logsx 172,883
Magic logsx 102,085
Maple logsx 3,092,972
Tunax 2,430,136
Raw shark(Raw shark) x 31,608
Raw sea turtle(Raw sea turtle) x 103,437
Raw monkfishx 105,220
Raw trout(Raw trout) x 19,540
Raw manta ray(Raw manta ray) x 5,963
Frost dragon bones(Frost dragon bones) x 7,916
Dragon bones(Dragon bones) x 547
Dagannoth bonesx 1,144
Mithril ore(Mithril ore) x 180,295
Gold ore(Gold ore) x 180,972
Coal(Coal) x 3,599,936
Feather(Feather) x 997,999
Dragon pickaxe(Dragon pickaxe) x 325
Dragon hatchet(Dragon hatchet) x 316
Gilded dragon pickaxe(Gilded dragon pickaxe) x 1
Inferno adze(Inferno adze) x 1
Medium XP lamp(Medium XP lamp) x 459
Large XP lamp(Large XP lamp) x 84
Hard leatherx 101,012
Leatherx 60,415
Snakeskinx 83,974
Daedra Heartx 6
Ebony ingotx 11
Small XP lamp(Small XP lamp) x 1,548
Red dragon leatherx 25,585
Vial of water(Vial of water) x 2,147,483,647
Adamant barx 41,042
Water orb(Water orb) x 109,619
Uncut onyxx 734
Needlex 199,998,000
Swagger Stick(Swagger Stick) x 25
Strange fruit(Strange fruit) x 174
Barrel of monkeys(Barrel of monkeys) x 177
Emergency healing box(Emergency healing box) x 381
Runite ore(Runite ore) x 6,760
Spadex 1
Shards of armadyl(Shards of armadyl) x 7,321
Swordfish(Swordfish) x 72,081
Water rune(Water rune) x 1,978,385,035
Blood rune(Blood rune) x 1,975,036,695
Death rune(Death rune) x 1,975,138,786
Soul runex 2,127,408,329
Air runex 1,977,644,979
Chaos runex 2,125,513,002
Nature runex 1,978,019,848
Lava runex 1,000,131,257
Earth rune(Earth rune) x 1,979,023,879
Fire rune(Fire rune) x 1,955,537,181
Mind rune(Mind rune) x 980,417,339
Astral rune(Astral rune) x 999,999,992
Cosmic runex 999,999,999
Law runex 2,000,115,082
Mist runex 999,999,999
Body runex 997,999,999
Virtus mask(Virtus mask) x 2
Virtus robe top() x 1
Virtus robe legs(Virtus robe legs) x 1
Hood of subjugation(Hood of subjugation) x 3
Garb of subjugation(Garb of subjugation) x 3
Gown of subjugation(Gown of subjugation) x 1
Ward of subjugation(Ward of subjugation) x 3
Polypore staff(Polypore staff) x 3
Tormented King's Staff(Tormented King's Staff) x 2
Shadow Ahrim's hood(Shadow Ahrim's hood) x 6
Shadow Ahrim's robe top(Shadow Ahrim's robe top) x 4
Shadow Ahrim's robe skirt(Shadow Ahrim's robe skirt) x 2
Shadow Ahrim's staff(Shadow Ahrim's staff) x 5
Tormented bracelet() x 1
Ahrim's hoodx 17
Ahrim's robe topx 15
Ahrim's robe skirtx 12
Ahrim's staffx 17
Farseer kiteshield(Farseer kiteshield) x 13
Lucky arcane spirit shield(Lucky arcane spirit shield) x 30
Ragefire boots(Ragefire boots) x 3
Seismic wand(Seismic wand) x 2
Seismic singularity(Seismic singularity) x 2
Ancient staff(Ancient staff) x 4
Ancient staff() x 2
Ancient staff() x 2
Ancient staff() x 2
Ancient staff() x 2
Staff of light(Staff of light) x 9
Staff of light() x 2
Staff of light() x 2
Staff of light() x 2
Staff of light() x 2
Tome of fire() x 1
Toxic staff of the dead(Toxic staff of the dead) x 1
Akrisae's hood(Akrisae's hood) x 4
Akrisae's robe top(Akrisae's robe top) x 1
Akrisae's robe skirt(Akrisae's robe skirt) x 1
Akrisae's war mace(Akrisae's war mace) x 2
Celestial hood(Celestial hood) x 10
Celestial robe top(Celestial robe top) x 8
Celestial robe bottom(Celestial robe bottom) x 11
Celestial shoes(Celestial shoes) x 4
Third-age mage hat(Third-age mage hat) x 1
Third-age robe top(Third-age robe top) x 2
Third-age robe(Third-age robe) x 1
Third-age amulet(Third-age amulet) x 1
Trident of the swamp(Trident of the swamp) x 2
Arcane spirit shield(Arcane spirit shield) x 1
Obliteration(Obliteration) x 9
Saradomin staffx 2
Guthix staffx 2
Zamorak staffx 2
Celestial gloves(Celestial gloves) x 3
Seers' ring(Seers' ring) x 15
Gloves of the Spider Queen(Gloves of the Spider Queen) x 1
Seers' ring (i)(Seers' ring (i)) x 1
TokHaar-Kal-Mej (Magic)(TokHaar-Kal-Mej (Magic)) x 1
Spellcaster gloves (red)(Spellcaster gloves (red)) x 1
Tome of frost(Tome of frost) x 50
Ganodermic poncho(Ganodermic poncho) x 1
First tower robe top (Earth)() x 1
Lightning staff 4(Lightning staff 4) x 1
Loop half of a keyx 2,666
Tooth half of a keyx 2,481
Enchanted keyx 465
Barrows dye(Barrows dye) x 19
Iron Man Swordx 1
Master AdminCape(Master <img=1>AdminCape) x 1
Donator Cape(<img=4>Donator Cape) x 1
Donator aura(<img=4>Donator aura) x 1
Super Cape(<img=5>Super Cape) x 1
Super aura(<img=5>Super aura) x 1
Extreme Cape(<img=6>Extreme Cape) x 1
Extreme aura(<img=6>Extreme aura) x 1
Master WikiCape(Master <img=10>WikiCape) x 1
Crystal keyx 12,866
Dice (up to 100)(Dice (up to 100)) x 1
Imp-in-a-box (2)(Imp-in-a-box (2)) x 150
1B Ticket(1B Ticket) x 125
Cornucopia() x 1
Blue marionettex 10
Red marionettex 18
Green marionettex 14
Static gloves(Static gloves) x 1
Ghrazi rapier() x 1
Amulet of torture() x 1
Christmas crackerx 38
Coins() x 1,256,887,591
Bonecrusher(Bonecrusher) x 1